Childcare Services: About Us

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CTC Childcare Services offer long day care  for children aged from 0 to 12 years. Our programs include Nursery (0-2 years), Toddler (2-4 years), Pre Prep (3-5 years) and School Age (4-12 years), therefore suitable for all children from birth to end of Primary school. Each room has a curriculum designed with activities specifically to meet the developmental ages and stages of the children participating in the program. The curriculum is written in a holistic manner covering: 

  • Physical Development
  • Social Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Self Help Skills
  • Language Development
  • Cognitive Development

All CTC Childcare Services have qualified staff with the flexibility to move from room to room. The flexibility of our staff along with small groups of children ensures that when necessary the transition between rooms is easier on your child.


CLICK HERE to download a copy of our Fee Schedule.


Nursery 6 Weeks - 2 Years - Nanango Childcare Centre

In the Nursery we encourage children with all their new found skills at an age appropriate level. Children of this age are starting to explore, crawl, walk and talk. All of the activities provide children opportunity, time and challenge while being supported by educators to practice and refine these skills.

A separate cot room is attached to the nursery to provide a peaceful place to rest during the day. As children grow we introduce sleeping on low safe beds allowing children the independence to get up when they are rested.

We like to work in partnership with our families in finding out each child’s likes and dislikes, their routine and care needs. Open communication between parents and educators allows us to have continuity of care which makes the transition from home to childcare as easy and smooth as possible for both the families and the children.


Toddler Room 2 – 4 Years – Nanango Childcare Centre

The children in this group are still fine turning all those skills - running becomes smoother, language starts to form sentences, toilet training has begun. The children enjoy learning about colours, shapes, numbers and letters. We also encourage the children and their families in healthy eating choices. Indoor and outdoor activities are planned to stimulate and challenge thinking and practicing skills such as puzzles and climbing, painting and sandplay are designed to provide further opportunity to refine skills.


Pre Prep Room 3 – 5 Years – Community Kids

The Pre Prep Room is always a busy, constructive place.  Children love to play with dress ups, blocks, Lego and Mobilo. All these activities help to develop thinking (cognitive) skills. By this age children have really become social beings with friendships formed and the term “best friends” starts to be used. Children's language develops rapidly with experience and knowledge. They learn to count, recognise and write their name and are learning the letters of the alphabet. Although puzzles sometimes challenge them, the children are so proud when they complete them. Our educators are creative and help the children with their art and craft. Our teacher ensures that the children will be ready to go to school next year.


Schoolies Room 4 - 12 Years – Community Kids

The Schoolies Room caters for Before and After School Care and Vacation Care. Our educators go over to Nanango Primary School to pick up the children to walk back to the centre. When they arrive back at Community Kids, they have afternoon tea which is provided by the centre and then the children are able to do various activities of their choice. Should the school children have homework to do they are encouraged and assisted to do this. At Vacation Care we have various fun activities programmed for the holidays. A copy of our Vacation Care program is given to the parent/carer to allow them to choose which activities and or excursions they wish their child to attend. There is something different for the Schoolies to do each holiday break.