Partners in Foster Care: Strategic Direction

Our Vision

Working for our community

Caring for our children

Valuing our future

Our Mission

Partners in Foster Care endeavour to provide safe, stable and nurturing environments to children and young people who are not able to live at home with their family for various reasons.


Partners in Foster Care key objectives are to attract, recruit and train suitable foster and kinship carers to provide quality placements to children and young people subject to child safety intervention in the South Burnett – Central Queensland Region.

Partners In Foster Care provides the following services:

Carer Support

Responsive and timely support to carers including 24 hour/7 day per week phone contact with the service;

  • Fortnightly or monthly home visits carried out by qualified and experienced service staff.  Telephone contact as required. Contact may be more frequent in cases where children or young people may present with more complex needs to provide relevant support to carers;
  • After hours support through an out of business hours call service;
  • Financial, practical, developmental and emotional support
  • Ongoing professional development.


Child/Young Person

Partners In Foster Care is dedicated to providing a of a wide range of placement options for all age groups including emergency, respite, short term, long term and permanent placements as required. Partners In Foster Carer undertake an informed and professional matching processes to ensure the best possible placement outcomes for children and young people whilst working in partnership with Department of Communities (Child Safety and Placement Services) to ensure the following outcomes:

Matching and placement of children and young people  

Meeting individualized needs

Family connectedness


Transition from Care   

Intensive Fostering Placements